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About us, DuoDog & DuoProtection

Duo Protection has evolved from our own experience. Me and my partner have been using molten horse fat to our satisfaction for the maintenance of hooves and leather since as long as we can remember.

A couple of years ago the poor condition of our horses hooves gave the incentive to start melting horse fat for our own use. In a short period of time the quality of their hooves increased dramatically. The great results where soon noticed by stablemates and horse owners which increased the interest for our product rapidly.


This ultimately led to the decision to take the leap and put our product onto the market. Since January 2014 we have been producing molten horse fat under the name DuoProtection for the maintenance of hooves as well as leather.

Duo Dog
As a supplement to our product line we have introduced DuoDog in 2014. Since molten horse fat is a very appropriate food supplement for dogs. My son; Jay-Jay van der Laan, has introduced DuoDog to several veterinarians with very positive responses.


We are very enthusiastic about the great results from our customers after they have used DuoProtection and DuoDog and we hope to be able to help many more customers with our products.

Simone Vlietsra & Gerrit Jan van Enck

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