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We would like you to get acquainted with Duo Protection. DuoProtection makes a number of products from horse fat. Horse fat is an exceptionally good and healthy fat, containing Omega 1 &3, glycerin, vitamins A & D and anti- bacterial substances. Horses are noble animals and generally have a good life and receive the best nutrition, therefore fat that comes from these horses are of exceptionally high quality. On our website you will find the products that we create for multiple business branches. Be surprised by the multiple implementations for which horse fat can be used.

For strong hooves

For supple leather

Dogfood supplement


 • Strong hooves

 • Supple leather

 • Firmness

 • Natural Shine

Properties of DuoDog

 • Healthy Skin

 • Healthy Fur

 • Improved intestine flora

 • Additional resistance

 • Good health

 • Stronger bones



From experience we know that most hoof smiths are against greasing hooves, simply because it closes of the hoof. DuoProtection does not do this because it is made from horse fat and therefore 100% natural, it immediately draws into the hoof. Horse fat contains Glycerine, Glycerin attracts moist. The effect of horse fat provides faster growth of the horn and a stronger hoof structure. It has been undeniably proven that Duoprotection improves hooves, maintains them and makes them stronger and can also be used for leather. Leather comes from animals and because DuoProtection is a 100% natural product from animals it naturally soaks up into the leather, nourishing it and giving it a natural feel and look.


With poor condition of hooves we advices to treat them for a month on a daily basis with DuoProtection. Afterwards apply 3x a week. People are astounded by the resulting changes. DuoProtection is not only for bad hooves, all hooves deserve the care which it provides. We therefore advice to use DuoProtection 2 or 3 times a week at a minimum to grease the hooves of your horse or pony. Apply from the coronet of the hoof in a downwards motion, covering the entire hoof. After 2 to 3 weeks you will notice the results on the hoof. If the hoof of the horse has a dry beam (bottom of the hoof) then apply once a week.

Duo Dog Fat Supplement is a 100% pure horse fat product, slowly baked off to provide a great nutritional supplement as a source of energy. The raw horse fat and meat is sourced from the Netherlands and Belgium. In the world we live in horses are seen as noble animals and therefore receive a high quality diet, comprised of the best and better types of nutrition that is available.


DuoDog Fat Supplement is a very thin fat which gives an oily appearance, unless frozen or kept inside a fridge. DuoDog Fat Supplement is an absolutely pure source of energy of the highest quality and is high in calories, but is easily digestible and process able then other types of fat. There simply is no purer and better animal fat source for your dog then horse fat. Incomparable to bio industry food made for cattle and poultry.


Again, horse fat has the highest quality and purity and contains glycerin and vitamins A and D causing it to have a very positive effect to dry skin and dull fur and is a perfect supplement for maintaining healthy digestion and intestine flora. Duo Dog fat supplement is a great supplement for every dog and is available as a treat and as food supplement.

Leather goods

Effects of DuoDog Snack and Fat Supplement

DuoProtection, protects and nourishes leather. As mentioned before glycerin soaks in moisture and does the same for leather which prevents dryness and ripping of leather. Because most leather goods are made from natural leather it is wise to treat the leather with natural fat. Leather receives the right treatment by using Duoprotection, which almost immediately soaks into the leather and therefore does not stain.

Apply richly to the leather for the best effect, after approximately 3 minutes smear out the fat with a dry cloth. With DuoProtection grease marks in a horse rider’s clothing become history.

Why hoof and leather fat?

Duoprotection is a natural product. Leather comes from an animal, which requires nourishment and fat without closing the leather off, but fat that draws into the leather to keep it supple. The same goes for hooves, DuoProtection draws into the hoof, moistures the hoof from the inside out without closing off the hoof.

 • Healthy Skin

 • Shiny Fur

 • Improved Intestine Flora

 • Improved Resistance

 • Good Health

 • Stronger Bones

Dietary advice DuoDog Fat Supplement

Daily dosage as a supplement to dog feed.

Dogs weighing up to 20 KG requires 2 doses a day Dogs weighing between 20 and 40 KG require 2 to 3 doses a day

Dogs weighing above 40KG require 3 to 4 doses a day.

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